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Films on Famous NRIs

adwinfilm is going to launch a project soon involving production of films on achievements and accomplishments of Non-Resident Indians in various walks of life all over the world.

The objectives of this project is to celebrate success stories of Indians living abroad  and correct public perception and negative portrayal of India (in some countries) as a country that is predominantly underdeveloped and eternally plagued by deep-rooted social malaise of corruption.

In the US Indians constitute over three million of the country’s population and are considered one of the richest and most successful among all ethnic groups. Achievers of Indian origin are found in almost every area of social life.

As per some estimates among the doctors in the US about 40 per cent of them are of Indian origin. US President Barack Obama has often expressed his admiration for thousands of Indians in the US (including about 12 per cent of the country’s scientists) who contribute significantly to the economy and development of the country.

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