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My Country India Time Capsule:

adwinfilm a is embarking on an ambitious docu-feature dedicated to promote all States and Union Territories in India with each segment having a duration of two to two and a half hours.

This mega venture will be implemented by sister concern Jai Ads and Promotions Pvt Ltd.

Besides building brand image and reputation, each of the sponsoring States can derive long-lasting value for money by showcasing their assets and achievements to the world at large. The individual State governments can use it (film) as effective vehicle to lure foreign investors and tourists through the publicity generated by disseminating information about their social and industrial development.

The Rs.150-crore mega project is conceived as an interesting fusion of different film techniques containing dramatized re-enactments of actual historical facts and events juxtaposed with contemporary scenes. The docu-feature (with a total run-time of over 65 hours) combines the elements of a documentary such as stills and archives with those of a dramatized play (as in docudrama).

It encapsulates the socio-cultural glory of India from the Indus Valley to the present times by covering major milestones achieved by all the States. The narrative script, to be finalized by a team of experts drawn from different fields, is expected to provide for a high degree of quality in terms of information, depth and profundity. Several experts will be involved in the venture to ensure it will meet international standards in terms of technical and production values.

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