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Infomercial is a neologism. (Information + commercial)

If an advertorial, an advertisement in the form of an editorial (content), is written in printed publications to appear as an objective article, an infomercial is a presentation of information of products or services designed for TV in the form of a commercial. A good infomercial convinces consumers to buy a particular product or service.

Infomercials are designed to give information about companies and their products / services and persuade viewers to turn customers. Infomercials, in fact, have revolutionized product marketing / selling in such a way that many companies are rushing for more and more advertising through this mode.

Infomercials typically last for much longer period than commercials and are usually aired during off-peak slots at night or early hours. The advertising rates of infomercials are much cheaper than those of regular commercials aired during the day.

Infomercials are ideal for launching products requiring adequate information and explanation. These are obviously cost-effective for companies selling products by advertising on TV. The run-time of infomercials can vary between one minute and 30 minutes.

These days many product-selling businesses are maximizing their profits by opting for infomercials which can serve as effective marketing tool. Businesses houses find infomercials make a huge difference to their profit margins if they get them designed imaginatively.

adwinfilm develops concepts, designs and produces impressive and convincing infomercials aimed at increasing customer-base of businesses.

We invite businesses to utilize the massive potential of this increasingly popular mode of advertising by selling their products through persuasive infomercials designed and produced by us.


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