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Geetha Krishna International Film School

adwinfilm is going to establish an international film school in Andhra Pradesh to impart practical training in various film arts both in creative and technical aspects.

The primary objective is to prepare young and enthusiastic creative wannabe film professionals to work efficiently as full-fledged professionals.

While the film school will have its own dedicated faculty responsible for overseeing the functioning of various departments, there will also be guest faculty drawn from among practicing film professionals.
Efforts will be made to get affiliation and develop collaborative ventures with well-known and innovative film schools in the world.

The proposed film school aims at being one of the best of its kind in the world by providing world-class facilities such as technologically advanced laboratories and state-of-the-art equipment. Those passing out of this prestigious institute will try to meet their requirements by providing placement opportunities through collaborations with well-known film companies.

Both independent documentary filmmakers as well as directors interested in mainstream commercial cinema will be encouraged and mentored.

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