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Over the years adwinfilm has evolved a set of professional ethics and works accordingly to produce corporate films that meet international quality standards.

We deliver well-executed corporate film projects that not only reflect the brand/corporate identity of clients, but also achieve their marketing goals.

At a preliminary meeting with clients we discuss the purpose of the corporate film to be produced: whether it is going to be for product/service marketing, public relations, training or internal communications. Then we try to demystify the process of producing corporate films and help them to get started by giving them a plan of action.

We always advise clients to keep quality considerations in mind before being tempted by figures quoted by companies that usually compromise on creative and production values.

Once the deal is through we discuss original content ideas with clients and the marketing messages to be incorporated in the corporate film and strictly adhere to achieving what is expected.
If the clients request that we share the storyboards with them we do so. A storyboard is a series of drawings and pictures explaining the essentials of the script.

We have artists to prepare storyboards based on the script to make things easy during the planning of shooting schedule and when the actual shoot takes place on location.

We never overshoot the budget allocated to a particular corporate film project.
Depending on unique requirements of each corporate film project we suggest duration, inclusion of appropriate visuals and avoidance of insipid and convoluted scenes. Sometime a short and simple five-minute corporate film can do wonders in conveying marketing messages to target audiences more than a lengthy film which can end up as an uninspiring film.

We are passionate about making films that stand out from the crowd both in content and style of presentation. We take extra precautions to ensure that the audio quality is exceptional so as to enhance overall visual appeal.

While we commission voice-over and suitable music for all corporate film projects, we use computer graphics, special effects or animation from our in-house professionals. Clients can opt for English or any other language to communicate to their target audiences through corporate film. We have a wide network of voice-over artists of all major languages in the world.


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