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adwinfilm has a network of professionals who can develop thought-provoking concepts, write scripts and design production of awareness films meant for raising social awareness and promoting participation of citizens in public life.

Awareness films assume importance as technology advances and societies become more and more mature through the spread of education. Real progress of human beings is possible only when educated and socially aware individuals begin to value human rights and acknowledge the need for tolerance, inclusiveness and peaceful coexistence.

There is a growing need for awareness films from Non-Government Organizations, non-profit organizations, social service / welfare organizations, charity organizations and big companies implementing corporate social responsibility initiatives.

The key social issues or themes generally tackled include through awareness films include, among others: social justice and empowerment of disadvantaged and marginalized sections of society, development of society through education, skill development and marketing assistance, public health, environment, global warming, pollution control, women and child development, drug addiction and rehabilitation, alcoholism, tree plantation, agriculture development, water harvesting, cultivation of organic food grains, welfare of destitute women, human rights, prevention of social evils like female infanticide, domestic violence, racism and sexism.

NGOs and social welfare bodies are increasingly opting for the powerful medium of awareness films to make more and more people aware of their rights and responsibilities and inspire them to work together.

If you are implementing corporate social responsibility programs or heading an NGO, a social welfare / service organization we can help you produce awareness films from concept to completion.


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